Community Support


We need your support!

Elected members of public office and community opinion leaders.

  • If you are an elected member of City Council, an MLA or MP, hold a position of influence such as President of the Chamber of Commerce or as a Board member or Executive member of a non-profit social agency, please write us a letter of support.  

Service Clubs and Fraternal Organizations.

  • Here again, a letter will be very welcome.   Please consider our Society as a potential recipient of a grant or donation. Details on our Capital Funding requirements will be published in the weeks ahead.
  • Are you looking for a guest speaker or a program for an upcoming meeting? We promise you an informative and entertaining program. A great way to help your membership learn more about our initiatve.  Contact Gord Leighton at

Business and Industry

  • Vernon Community Radio will be a vibrant, highly engaged newcomer to the media landscape. The Business Community and potential advertisers are invited to show support with a letter of intervention.

Musicians, artists, performing arts organizations and music lovers.

  • Amateur, semi-professional and established artists from all genres are invited to support our application. We are committed to giving new and emerging artists in all music genres find a place for their music on the new station. We will also need on-air hosts that are considered either expert or knowledgeable in specific genres of music. Why not you? Meanwhile, please intervene!

Music listener?

  • You don't have to play music to love it! If you feel that current music playlists on local radio are short-changing you on music you love, Vernon Community Radio may help you with a regular fix for your craving.  Lovers of jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, Christian, or classical are invited to help with a letter of support.

Ethnic and Multicultural Organizations

  • CRTC Regulations and our Society constitution and bylaws allow us to broadcast programming and music in languages other than English and French.  Our Board will consider proposals for ethic / multicultural programming on an individual case-by-case basis. In the meantime, please help our cause with a letter of intervention.

Interventions to the CRTC